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An interest in sales improvement is an interest in improved productivity. Since results from your sales efforts are related to activity, skills, and knowledge, refinement in these areas can lead to sales growth. The starting point to improved sales is to decide where to invest your attention to improve.



  1. Consider your sales process - the steps for how you sell

  2. Decide on an actionable goal, on which you will focus improvement efforts

  3. Evaluate your workflow - the activities that support your process


 NOTE:  Be aware! There could be a difference between what you think will improve your sales and what would actually improve sales. Areas to consider: 


  • Phone skills

  • Prospecting

  • Quality of data

  • Sales management

  • Data management

  • Presentation materials

  • Presentation skills

  • Strategies / Approaches

  • Ability to nurture opportunities

  • Degree of relevant knowledge (about sales, your prospects, etc.)

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