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We support your success with several options

Free Consultation

Due to high-demand, self-scheduling is currently unavailable. You are, however, invited to join the Waiting List. You will be notified of openings as they come available.

Add yourself to the Waiting List. 


During the official launch of Sales Success Club, we will announce our Sales Growth Challenge! You CAN improve your sales and we'll help you! Join the list for notification!

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Read and submit questions to Answers, a support page for the SSC community. Topics include but are not limited to:

  • Sales strategy

  • Operation design and management

  • Phone and presentation skills

  • Applying IDEAL

Get the answers you need for the success you want!  Visit the SSC Answers page. This resource offers useful information for:

  •  Business owners

  •  Sales leaders

  •  Sales consultants and trainers

  •  Sales pros of all kinds, at all levels


Need personalized support or support for your team?  Services have you covered!

  • Individuals and groups

  • Small and large businesses

  • Single or ongoing support options

Get the support you need for the success you want!  Service options include: 

  •  1:1 Personalized consulting

  •  Training

  •  Sales management

  •  Custom solutions


Coming soon - no-nonsense Power Courses!

These fast-paced, value-packed courses give you the need-to-know information you want.

Visit the Courses page and tell us which subjects interest you.

  •  Sales management

  •  Productivity

  •  Sales strategy

  •  Phone and presentation skills


Based on the book "Create DEMAND for What You Sell", learn the seven strategies to create demand for your product or service!

Note: there are seven strategies but you ONLY NEED ONE to create demand, whatever your business

The seven strategies for creating demand are:

  •  Competitive Divergence

  •  Partnerships

  •  Alignment

  •  Peripheral Selling

  •  Perceived Value

  •  Stage & Position

  •  Sales Narrative


IDEAL is an acronym for five steps that comprise the most natural process for advancement toward and the achievement of ambitious goals.


  • Applies to everyone

  • Structures and guides activity

  • Builds on progress cyclically

Introduced in the 2020 book "Achieve," IDEAL replaces SMART Goals as the most effective way to plan and pursue goals. IDEAL offers a comprehensive approach to success builds on effort and discovery, optimizing improvement and increasing the chances of achieving your sales goals!


Cross-Through is a comprehensive strategy for sales growth. If you are a business owner or sales leader, put Cross-Through to work in your business! Grow sales:

  • Any business

  • Any size

  • Any way you sell!​

For years, "sales strategy" has been a catch-all phrase for disjointed sales tactics. It meant relying on outdated ideas about target markets, value propositions, and pricing. Cross-Through cuts through the confusion and equips you with the freshest, most relevant sales strategies to achieve real results. Now, you can know exactly what you need to do to strategically grow your sales.

Sales 5.0

Too many sales professionals are clinging to outdated practices that are costing them sales. Get up-to-speed on the evolution of sales and discover the latest strategies for success.

The sales profession has evolved. Are you up-to-speed with the latest strategies and concepts? If not, you could be missing out on valuable opportunities to improve sales.

Here's some of what's new in sales:

  •  Modelability

  •  Stage & Position

  •  IDEAL

  •  Peripheral Selling

  •  The Sales Arc

  •  Progressive conversion

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