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The New Productivity

Activity can cost sales! Be productive

TASKS: A New Perspective on Productivity

Success is impossible apart from being productive. Yet, productivity is the most misunderstood requirement for success.  Get on the fast-track to greater productivity with the simple—but powerful—five-step TASKS model.


There are five things essential for greater productivity; they are your keys to greater progress (results) toward what is important to you—in your life or for your business.  TASKS everything essential to productivity: 

Time   /   Aim   /   Strategy   /   Knowledge   /   Support

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1. Time

Time is not about your schedule or getting around to doing something; time is about knowing when to engage or avoid certain activities, in order for you to be most productive. 

There are times that are optimal for certain work; there are times in which productivity could be maximized and would be minimized. Learn how to organize your day for optimal productivity: schedule a session with Steven.

2. Aim

Aim is not about focus or the goal; aim is about the immediate step in front of you, required to advance you toward, or reach an objective.

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3. Strategy

Strategy is not about a plan or how to approach a group of activities; strategy is specific, about how to succeed at a specific point, with a specific aim. 

Strategy responds to the question about "how" to best improve productivity. Strategy involves your priorities, schedule, activities, use of support tools, etc. 

4. Knowledge

Knowledge is not about what you know; knowledge is about what you don't know and need to learn to improve in the areas of TASKS – in your ability to be productive. 

Our efforts to be productive are based on what we know.  Improve your productivity by learning a new way to understand productivity and approach being productive. Schedule a free consultation with Steven.

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5. Support

Being productive is not merely about the activities that achieve progress; productivity depends on several other factors. 


Support is not merely an aid to get through your To-do list or certain activity; support is about how you ensure your success, which makes support about everything related to your ability to achieve your goal.

Success requires you to be productive

It is impossible to reach any goal without being productive. Productivity is the common denominator among all successful endeavors. 


If you are serious about the success of your goals, then master productivity across each of its cornerstones: project, produce, progress, and prepare.

Productivity is specific to you

Whatever your goal, if you aren’t productive, you will struggle to succeed.  This fact requires those who are serious about their success to understand what being productive means and requires.

Productivity is concerned with everything that is relevant to your plan, preparation, and pursuit of success.

Is it time for an update in your knowledge about how to achieve the success you want? Consider coaching support from Steven.

The starting point of any pursuit of success is to know what success requires of you specifically. In order to know what productivity requires, knowledge about your subject and productivity is critically important.  At this point, you’re clear about your goal and process—your course to success.  You need to also be clear about your minimum performance standard (MPS).  The MPS is the result of activity required in order for you to avoid being at risk of failure. 


Get support to ensure your ability to meet the demands that your success requires. Schedule a free consultation to get answers to your questions and learn about the benefits of the TASKS model.

Steps to Actual Productivity


Know and provide what's required

Productivity is specific to you - to what is required in order for you to progress toward what you want to achieve. This means: safeguarding and supporting the activities you depend on.


Productivity is not limited to activities that achieve progress; productivity is concerned with everything related to your ability to sufficiently advance toward what you want to achieve.

Support from a coach can help you identify and prepare to meet all of the requirements for your success.


Account for your Why-not

If you don't know how you could fail, you cannot be fully prepared to succeed. Why-not is concerned with defensive productivity, and how to safeguard productivity against opposition. 


Do you know your "why-not"?  If not, the progress on which you rely is vulnerable.  Learn how to make your best effort toward the productivity that you need. Consider support from a coach who is a productivity expert.


Sustain progress toward success

There are several causes of lulls in productivity. Among them is the inability to sustain motivation, focus, and on-track performance.  Productivity safeguards and strategies can effectively resolve many challenges.

Remember, productivity is not about activity; it's about results that are required by your goal. Working with a coach can help you maintain progress toward what's important to you - in your life or for your business.


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