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Finally! The ultimate sales strategy for explosive sales growth is here: Cross-Through.

It's the point where your sales efforts "cross-through" buyers' interest to buy from you!

Introduction to Cross-Through
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Discover the Power of a Cross-Through Sales Strategy in Your Business

Advance your sales approach and drive unprecedented growth!... Welcome to the Cross-Through strategy… This revolutionary approach to effective selling was designed to align your sales efforts with building buyer interest. Cross-Through works for all businesses... whatever you sell, however you sell.

What is Cross-Through

Cross-Through isn't merely a sales strategy; it’s a comprehensive plan that addresses the two essential aspects of all sales:

(1)  How sales occur

(2)  Why buyers buy

Key Benefits:

  • Reliable sales success

  • Increased sales!

How Do Sales Occur?

There are 3 areas that EVERY business must address in order to reliably sell:


1.  Presence

  • Sellers must make their brand, product, or service known to prospective buyers. If buyers don't know you exist, you lose sales.


2.  Presentation

  • Sellers must offer their product or service in a way that resonates both emotionally and rationally with buyers. If buyers don't like and trust you, you lose sales.

3.  Confirmation

  • Sellers must secure sales by resolving questions and concerns and meeting buyer expectations. If buyers don't see both value and benefit (distinct things) in your offer (product or service), you lose sales. 

Look at it this way:


You would not expect a sports team to win a championship from relying solely on one player, right? So don’t expect greater sales success from focusing only on one part of sales work. Your best effort to achieve substantial sales growth requires you to develop a Cross-Through strategy for your business. Connect how sales occur with why buyers buy! 

Why Buyers Buy

There are 4 steps to building a potential buyer's interest to buy from you:


1.  Awareness

  • Your presence must "cross through" buyer awareness in such a way to spark their interest in your product or service. If you can't intrigue your potential buyers, you will lose sales.

2.  Alignment

  • Your presentation must "cross through" alignment to establish an emotional connection (win favor) with buyers. If your buyers can't identify with you (your brand) or you can't gain their favor, you risk losing sales.

3.  Considerations

  • Your presentation must also "cross through" considerations to provide a rational reason for buying from you. If you aren't perceived as offering value and don't stand up well against competition, you will lose sales.

4.  Decision

  • In order to confirm sales, you must successfully "cross through" a buyer's decision criteria and be seen as offering benefit (distinct from value). Ultimately, if there is no perceived benefit from buying from you, you'll struggle to sell your product or service.

Grow Your Sales!

Make sure your sales efforts (your presence, presentation, and how you confirm sales) cross through the four areas of buyer interest to complete these four steps:


  1.  Gain the interest of your buyers

  2.  Win favor of buyers (make an emotional connection)

  3.   Be perceived as offering value (make a rational connection)

  4.   Be perceived as offering benefits (meet buyer expectations)

Cross-Through Illustration - #SSC

Create Your Cross-Through Strategy

You would not expect a sports team to win a championship by relying solely on one player, so don’t expect greater sales success from focusing only on one aspect of sales while neglecting others. So, apply a Cross-Through strategy for greater sales success!

You understand Cross-Through. Let's now talk about using this comprehensive strategy for sales growth in your business!


The essence of the "Cross through" strategy is ensuring that the three primary phases of your sales effort (Presence, Presentation, Confirmation) effectively intersect with the four stages of buyer interest (Awareness, Alignment, Consideration, Decision). The effective intersection ("cross-through") of these points will ensure that, at every stage, your prospective buyers are inspired to buy from you!



Presence + Awareness


How does your presence (marketing and/or outreach) cross-through buyer awareness to create intrigue?

Test outreach and marketing messages to ensure they engage or make your brand visible to potential buyers.


Your success at step One will spark buyer interest in you—your brand, product, or service.​​​​​


Presentation + Alignment


How does your presentation (offer, display, etc.) cross-through alignment with a buyer to earn their favor?

Position your brand and offer in a way that resonates with your target audience, inspiring trust and likability.

Your success at step Two will gain buyers' favor, positioning them well for step Three.

Read the complete Cross-Through article.


Presentation + Considerations​​


How does your presentation (positioning, differentiation, etc.) cross-through a buyer’s considerations so you're perceived as offering value?


Communicate your offer and how you stand out from competitors.


Your success at step Three will convince buyers of your value, but there's one more hurdle to cross.


Confirmation + Decision


How does your confirmation process cross-through a buyer’s decision criteria so you're perceived as providing benefit?


Deliver a seamless and reassuring purchasing process, backed by strong customer service and guarantees. Success at step Four secures sales.


Get details in the Cross-Through article.

Ready to take your sales to the next level? Discover how the Cross-Through strategy can help you achieve your goals. Learn how to put Cross-Through to work in your business—whatever you sell, however you sell. 


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