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How do I apply IDEAL to build sales for a business?

One of the biggest challenges for those who are interested in greater sales is the lack of clarity about how to improve their process. This lack of knowledge has led to the profession being "just a numbers game," instead of a methodological discipline. IDEAL provides a complete structure by which to plan the success of a sales goal and manage sales activity. The first step toward sales improvement is to decide where—what step in the sales process—improvement is needed. Learn more about IDEAL for sales on the Sales page (under Support in the header), and apply IDEAL to your specific situation. Also, consider a free consultation or the Achieve Power Course as your next step toward greater sales success!

How can I improve my sales?

Sales are a result. To improve this result, you must improve the factors that lead to it. This is where we find our first challenge! Identifying the factors that create sales is not always obvious. Why? The answer is simple bias. People tend to gravitate toward the tasks they prefer and neglect or avoid those they dislike. In sales, such bias can lead to a misperception of the work required to grow sales. So, the first step is to objectively understand each factor driving your current sales. Next, consider the tasks that you may be neglecting or avoiding. Finally, remember: the best solution for improved sales will be specific to your business, based on the factors that make you unique—your knowledge, capabilities, resources, competition, place in the market, etc. Consider getting support from a qualified consultant. On that note, you might find some value in my article Sales Consultants: Their Claims, The Truth, available on my blog.

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How can I grow sales for my e-commerce business?

E-commerce businesses or non-customer-facing businesses must rely on the strength of their conversion process. This process should be designed to effectively navigate four phases of buyer interest. 1. Awareness: Prospects need to know about your offer. Without awareness, it's difficult for them to consider buying from you. 2. Alignment: This involves building trust and positioning yourself as a valuable resource for your prospects' interests. 3. Consideration: Here, prospects evaluate how you stack up against the competition. Your value proposition and differentiators are crucial in this phase. 4. Decision: You must meet the buyers' requirements or expectations for them to decide to buy from you. This may involve payment options, guarantees, customer service, and other factors that could be dealbreakers for your prospective buyers. Learn how to drive buyer interest, and you'll create demand for what you sell. Have a question about buyer interest? Submit it!

What is the best sales strategy? 

First, let's clarify what we mean by "strategy." A strategy is a calculated approach selected to achieve a targeted outcome. The idea of there being a "best" strategy requires context; that is, "best" is relative to specific objectives and circumstances. Remember, strategy is not limited to a single aspect of how you sell. You can have a strategy for each step in your process as well as for your overall workflow. I suggest assessing the effectiveness of your sales process and identifying points where improvements can be made with a new or revised strategy. Respect your uniqueness; develop strategies that are specific to your business. What has worked for someone else – another business – may not have value for your goals.

How can I meet more respective buyers?

The single most effective way, generally speaking, to meet more prospective customers or clients and increase sales is through the ability to intrigue. If you can effectively intrigue, you will inspire your prospects to want to know more about you, seek answers to their questions, and experience working with you (buy your product or service). It’s important to note: intrigue is both a skill and a strategy. As a strategy, you leverage intrigue to advance a prospect through your sales process. As a skill, you need to improve two key aspects: (1) your message (the intrigue factor) and (2) your presentation of that message, which may involve developing your speaking skills, depending on how you sell. Working with a consultant who has substantial and proven sales accomplishments can go a long way in helping you harness the power of intrigue to grow your sales.

How do I apply IDEAL to lead my client or team to success?

IDEAL is an acronym for the most natural process for our development and the achievement of what we want to improve, achieve, or become – in our personal lives or for our businesses. However, this is not enough all there is to know. Just as knowing the rules for a sport doesn't make you a professional athlete, neither does having a goal mean you're able to achieve it success. The key to success is not merely knowing the steps to success, but, also, knowing how you must apply those steps. This requires you to know your subject, and how to achieve goals. Successful goals have this in common: productivity. If you cannot be productive, you cannot achieve your goal. Productivity is the most misunderstood requirement for success for this reason: people focus on activity over results. Actual productivity achieves results that are required by a specific aim, whether that aim is to get through a daily To-Do list or something more complex. The point here is: you may have to learn what productivity means for your goal. If you have unrealized goals, there's a reason. You may not know how to plan, prepare, or have the knowledge or skill required in order to achieve your particular goal. Or, you may be unwilling to do the work to succeed. Be honest with yourself. If you're serious about success, sacrifice and effort are required. In order to make your best effort to achieve your goal, learn about IDEAL. Select IDEAL under About in the header of this website). Your next step is to learn how to apply IDEAL to what you want to improve, achieve, or become, specifically. If you try and fail, at worst, you don’t have the benefit of something sought. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that no benefit was available to you. If you fail to reach a goal, you may have the opportunity to learn how to improve.

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